On Thursday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Victor Newman is set to make a move that will stir up more drama within the Newman family.

Victor’s recent questionable decisions will persist, drawing concern from Nikki, Victoria, Adam, and even Nick.

Victor, unyielding as ever, will defend his actions, making it clear that it’s his way or the highway for Victoria and Adam.

Nate Hastings might offer his perspective, but ultimately, it’s Victor’s vision for Newman Enterprises that will prevail.

Meanwhile, Audra Charles will assert her authority with Claire Grace, cautioning her against overstepping her boundaries.

Audra will emphasize Claire’s position as a low-ranking assistant and the need to stay within her role.

Claire’s aspirations for advancement might put her in direct competition with Audra, potentially vying for the COO position.

For now, Audra will set some ground rules. Expect palpable tension between Claire and Audra in the workplace, leaving us to wonder if Nikki will pick up on it.

Elsewhere, Nick and Sally Spectra will engage in a tough conversation in the upcoming episodes.

Nick, troubled by Adam’s interference in Sally’s emotions, will decide to step back from their relationship.

He’ll insist on a break, allowing Sally the space to reflect on her true feelings and choose the man she genuinely desires.

Keep an eye out for updates on the aftermath of Nick’s decision and Sally’s next steps in The Young and the Restless.

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