Recently, Brooke surprised Ridge. After a disagreement involving Deacon and Sheila, it seemed like Brooke was being a bit easier on Deacon, trying to see things from his side.

This doesn’t mean she likes Deacon’s romance, but it shows she still cares about him.

Brooke will always have feelings for Hope’s dad, especially seeing how he’s improved his relationship with their daughter.

So, she might try to help him break things off with Sheila. Brooke may talk to Deacon privately and ask why he’s so drawn to Sheila.

Deacon might admit he felt really lonely and rejected before. He might have started to think he’d never find love.

Deacon might have grown fond of how he could make a difference in Sheila’s life.

Brooke might tell Deacon there’s a nice lady out there who’d be a better match for him – someone safe for Hope.

She might even say that in a different situation, she could’ve said yes to being with Deacon. What if Brooke and Deacon share a warm moment?

But if Brooke and Hope try to steal Deacon away from Sheila, they could awake the monster in Sheila, and it’s terrible.

Looks like Sheila will unleash her fury on Hope and Brooke, and their mightmares will soon begin.

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