Spoilers say that Eric is doing his job with his grandson RJ, and he is heading to a new fashion project without his son Ridge.

Of course, Eric can’t draw because of his health problem, he told everybody that he has arthritis, but spoilers say that the problem could be worse.

Maybe Eric is dealing with a serious health issue, and he doesn’t know about it, or he is keeping this a secret so that he could continue with work.

Spoilers say that his wife Donna will soon find out the serious health issue that Eric is hiding, she is his wife, so she cares about him the most.

Will Donna tell this secret to everybody and try to stop Eric from working, or she will keep this secret to support her husband.

Whatever it takes, Donna will be put in a tough position, and we will wait and see how she deal with it, of course she will worry so much about Eric’s health.

Meanwhile, Hope is becoming a new woman, she used to be a good girl, but now all she wants is Thomas, and making love with him.

And Thomas will also realize that something isn’t right with Hope, the woman that he used to be obsessed with, but now she is totally different.

So looks like something will happen between Thomas and Hope’s relationship, maybe Thomas will decide to stop this secret relationship with Hope.

Thomas just wants to build a family with her, not a bedroom partner, and he will have Douglas by his side to help him this time.

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