We finally know about Luna’s birth mother, the woman who always warned her daughter to stay away from the Forresters.

She even demands Luna return home immediately and looks like she is so worried about Luna staying in LA like this.

But what is the reason for that, Poppy doesn’t have any connection with the Forrester family, she is Li’s sister, and Li doesn’t have any problems with them either.

So looks like Poppy doesn’t worry about the Forresters, she worries about Li and Finn because now Finn is married to Steffy, one of the Forrester’s members.

As we know, Jack once cheated on Li when he slept with Sheila and then adopted Finn, this is a terrible betrayal and Finn is so angry with it.

But what if Jack also cheated on Li’s sister, and then Luna is his daughter, this could be interesting and add a complicated drama to the show.

Spoilers say that if Finn and Luna are half-siblings, things will become more complicated, and let’s wait and see how it all plays out.

Meanwhile, Luna and RJ will become closer this week, and spoilers say that they will share a kiss this time.

But RJ will also know more about Luna and her secrets, and he will be shocked when he knows more about his girlfriend.

RJ will be dragged into a complicated storyline and looks like he will be in big trouble this time.

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