General Hospital spoilers confirm the long-anticipated return of Jason Morgan to the ABC soap, prompting questions about what lies ahead for Dex Hellar now that Jason is re-entering the picture. Dex had stepped into the role of supporting Sonny Corinthos during Jason’s absence, attempting to fill the void left by the seasoned right-hand man.

However, it is argued that Dex lacks the essential qualities to be a proper counterpart for Sonny, especially when compared to the unique blend of a Hitman with a heart of gold that Jason embodies.

In the 2024 preview spoilers, it seems the show intends to emphasize this distinction. Dex finds himself tasked with an order that proves challenging to execute, possibly involving a mission of a lethal nature for Sonny.

While Jason might handle such tasks without hesitation, Dex appears torn, suggesting a potential dilemma that could lead to his replacement. Sonny’s trust has always firmly rested with Jason, making him the preferred ally over Dex or anyone else.

This loyalty becomes increasingly significant as Dex and Michael Corinthos harbor a significant secret destined to unravel. With Dex no longer needed as a placeholder for Jason, the narrative may shift towards exposing Michael’s hiring of Dex as an undercover operative in Sonny’s organization.

Although Michael backed out later, Sonny deserves to learn the truth about the betrayal that occurred behind his back. Dex might face exposure and termination, and his survival may hinge on fortunate circumstances.

With Jason’s impending return, he can seamlessly resume his role as Sonny’s right-hand man, considering he is undoubtedly the best person for the job. Dex might have to seek employment outside the mob, given emerging hints about his inadequacy in carrying out Sonny’s most challenging orders.

General Hospital spoilers suggest a reunion of the dynamic duo, Jason and Sonny, bringing a wave of drama with Jason’s imminent return. Viewers are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on the unfolding storyline.

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