Stephy’s back, and it’s a joyous occasion. She’s even going to give Sheila a big punch and a black eye, which I think is taking it too far, but then again, the she-devil deserves it. But that’s not why we’re here.

Stephie had been away from home for way too long, so she’s happy that she and the kids can be with Finn at their home. She’s also stronger than ever and won’t cower and hide anymore. Everything is just perfect. What could go wrong, right?

Well, now that everything seems perfect, this seems like the perfect chance for Finn to find out about Stephie and Liam’s kisses. Since the show has decided to keep the kisses under wraps until now, it’s possible that we won’t get any revelation anytime soon.

But who’s to say what’s to happen? Liam is relentlessly pursuing Stephy, and while she doesn’t want him, he just can’t get the hint. So she may realize that before things get even worse, she needs to come clean to Finn. And to do that, she first needs to come clean about the kisses with Liam. Then again, in LA, Finn decides it’s probably eating her up anyway, so it will be nice to share the burden.

Stephie doesn’t want Liam, and she doesn’t want Finn to be hurt. She just needs to come clean that Liam’s insufferable, and she’s told him to back off, but he still kissed her. Not once, but twice, stressing that he kissed her more, of course.

Since they have suffered so much in life, it only makes sense for them to move forward. Well, it’s been a while since the kissing thing happened, but it’s still never too late to come clean and start anew. Finn knows Stephie loves him a lot, so he can definitely move past the kiss, especially since it was not Stephie who initiated it.

He will be very upset with Liam, though. But you know what? It probably will be Liam who reveals the shocker in a fit of rage. I mean, imagine, Liam thinks Finn is not man enough to protect his wife, but he is. And Stephie refuses to give him a chance because she’s in love with the loser.

What more can we even expect from a man who went on to kiss another woman right after his heart got broken into pieces? It was not just a kiss, though. He just declared that Hope was a mistake in his life, and he won Stephy. I can never take Liam seriously. But will he ruin it for Finn? Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more.

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