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The Young and the Restless spoilers state that Claire Grace will detect that something is bothering Nikki Newman and will wonder if she can assist. Nikki will address her issue with Victor Newman, but she will act as if it will resolve itself. Claire will become a little curious before recognizing she may be going too far. Nikki will reassure Claire that everything is alright, but Claire will remain anxious about the slight tension.

Later, Claire will run into Nate Hastings, who will notice her anxious expression. Nate will offer confidence and point out that Nikki will inform her if she crosses a line. When Claire mentions she’s trying to find the proper balance of helpfulness, since Nate has found success at Newman despite not being a true Newman, Claire hopes he will be ready to give her some advice outside of work.

Nate will finally agree to meet Claire for coffee and assist her in navigating the Newman business waters. Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter will voice their concern to Sharon Rosales at Crimson Lights about Aria Porter-Copeland’s new hearing aids possibly not working once they are installed.

Sharon will encourage Tessa and Mariah to maintain their optimistic attitude as they travel to Aria’s appointment.

Dr. George will put Aria’s hearing aids on and encourage Aria’s mothers to talk to her after going over some tips for helping Aria adjust to wearing them. Mariah and Tessa will call Aria’s name before Tessa bursts into song. Aria’s response to the sounds she hears will delight Tessa and Mariah.

Back at Crimson Lights, Sharon will give Claire a coffee order that she recognizes as Nikki’s. Claire will remember Nikki as Sharon’s mother-in-law and will make the connection.

Claire will take a step back as her phone rings and answer Aunt Jordan’s call. Claire will explain that she expected to have more time and will reassure Aunt Jordan that she is making progress. Claire, on the other hand, will eventually advise Aunt Jordan to consider it done before declaring her affection.

Sharon will be overjoyed when Mariah and Tessa return Aria to the cafe with her hearing aids in place. Sharon will talk to Aria, certain that her grandchild can hear her.

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