Nikki Newman’s struggle with alcohol has taken a dark turn, reigniting memories that suggest she might be connected to the tragic death of Delia Abbott. Nikki’s recent return to drinking is a result of the trauma inflicted by Aunt Jordan and Claire, who intentionally derailed her sobriety.

These manipulative actions have thrown Nikki into a web of hazy memories and guilt. Rewinding to 2013, the storyline reveals that Nikki was on the same road the night Delia died. While Adam was wrongly accused of the crime, Nikki’s relapse raises questions about her role in the accident.

As Nikki battles her alcohol-induced memories, there’s a possibility she might uncover hidden truths about being the one who accidentally ran over Delia. This revelation could offer Adam a chance at a fresh start, but the emotional impact on Billy and Chloe, Delia’s parents, would be profound.

The storyline cleverly parallels Victor’s history with Eve, adding a layer of complexity to Nikki’s personal horror show. The plot twist forces Nikki to confront her demons, and viewers are left wondering if she is the real culprit or if her alcoholic mind is playing tricks on her.

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