We know more about the secret that Luna and her family are hiding, and Li said that Poppy, Luna’s mother had an affair with a doctor and then gave birth to Luna.

So who is this doctor, and why is Li so angry with Luna’s appearance in LA, maybe if this secret comes out, Li and her son Finn could lose everything.

Some viewers said that Poppy could have an affair with Jack, Li’s husband, but we all know that Jack is a lawyer, and he doesn’t work at the hospital.

So the only option here is Finn, a doctor, and maybe he worked with his aunt Poppy before, and something terrible happened between them.

If Luna is Finn’s daughter, this is a shocking bombshell that could change everything in this show, and we know that it could happen.

Luna could be 18 years old now, and Finn is old enough to be her dad Poppy and Finn aren’t relatives.

So there could be a chance that Poppy made a terrible mistake with Finn at the hospital, and then she gave birth to Luna after that.

This is the reason that Li is furious with Luna’s appearance there because she knows Steffy can’t know this secret.

But right now, RJ is in love with Luna, so he won’t let her go easily like that, at least he needs a reason for that.

So RJ will try to discover the secret that Luna is hiding, and maybe he will be shocked when he knows that.

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