There’s a hidden problem with Eric’s health, and it might be worse than he’s saying. When a character in a show acts secretive, it usually means things are more serious.

Eric told his family he has arthritis, but his symptoms don’t match up. So, fans are wondering if Eric is being completely honest.

Eric recently told his grandson, RJ, that the new collection he’s working on would be his last.

This might sound like a normal retirement thing to say, but what if Eric is trying to say something more serious?

One big clue that something worse might be going on is Eric’s shaky hands, which isn’t a common sign of arthritis.

Shaky hands are linked to Parkinson’s disease. This condition makes tasks like drawing, which Eric loves to do, really hard because of the pain and the shaking.

Eric’s rush to finish his line right away, without waiting for Ridge’s line, also makes people worried about his health.

We’ve seen a lot of Eric over the years, but he’s never been this impatient before.

It’s starting to seem like Eric might have a major health problem that he’s keeping from everyone except maybe Donna.

It’s sad to think that RJ might find out about Eric’s hidden illness and be asked to keep it a secret.

Eric seems to have his own reasons for not wanting Ridge and the rest of the family to know about his condition, even though that doesn’t make much sense.

The family would want to support him during this tough time.

When the truth comes out, Ridge will probably be really upset by the news. This is especially true if he thinks about all the disagreements and harsh words he’s had with his dad.

The family will definitely be shaken up, and Brooke might be mad at Donna for keeping the secret.

As for John McCook, the actor who plays Eric, we don’t know if this storyline means he’s leaving the show. He’s 79 years old, so he might be thinking about retiring.

This story could be the start of a goodbye story for his character. But we’re not sure yet.

In The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric’s health is getting worse, and it looks like there’s more to it than we know.

Will RJ find out this sad news? And if he learns that his grandpa is really sick, will he respect Eric’s wish to keep it a secret from the family, no matter what the reason is?

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