A storm is brewing for the Newman family, and Victoria Newman appears to be the next target. Claire Grace is unleashing her dark side, determined to make the Newmans pay for what she perceives as their arrogance and wrongdoings.

While the motives behind Claire’s actions remain unclear, it is evident that she is relentless in her pursuit, and there’s speculation that her scheme is aimed directly at the heart of the Newman Clan.

Nikki, currently in a perilous situation at Aunt Jordan’s Lakehouse (if Jordan is even a real person), is particularly targeted by Claire. However, Victoria, Nikki’s daughter, might also find herself caught up in Claire’s revenge plot.

Claire hinted at a family reunion, raising chilling possibilities. It’s speculated that Claire plans to gather the family one by one, forcing them to witness Nikki’s demise or potentially orchestrating a simultaneous attack on all of them.

Claire’s intense focus on Victoria, coupled with a deep-seated grudge, suggests that she might find a way to draw Victoria into the dangerous scenario at the lake house. Victoria’s recent decision to distance herself from Newman Enterprises makes her vulnerable, and her father, Victor Newman, fears that this move could lead to her isolation from family drama.

There’s a possibility that Victoria’s disappearance may not raise many eyebrows, as Victor anticipates her life crumbling without the company.

With Claire’s apparent resentment toward Victoria and Nikki and her abduction of Nikki, it’s speculated that Victoria might be the next target in Claire’s dangerous plot. The cutouts Claire had with her were mostly focused on Victoria and Nikki, further supporting this theory.

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