In The Young and the Restless, Phyllis Summers is confiding in Danny Romalotti once again about her struggles to prove she’s changed.

While some fans doubt Phyllis’s transformation, given her recent involvement with Tucker McCall, Danny continues to encourage her.

He believes that for real change, Phyllis needs to put in the effort and stop feeling sorry for herself.

Danny hopes to see a more positive outlook from Phyllis and assures her that people like him are rooting for her.

Their conversation shifts to Danny’s return to Genoa City and his desire to reconnect with Christine Blair Williams.

Phyllis senses that Danny’s feelings for “Cricket” may go beyond friendship. She encourages Danny to be honest about his lingering affection for Christine, especially considering the possibility of her divorcing Paul Williams.

Meanwhile, Daniel Romalotti Jr. keeps a secret from Lily Winters, likely involving Heather Stevens.

It’s possible that Daniel is postponing the news about Heather and Lucy Romalotti’s return to Genoa City. However, keeping such information hidden may lead to complications once Lily eventually finds out.

In another development, Jack Abbott will make adjustments to his approach in dealing with Tucker.

This may involve Jack discovering the bug Tucker planted in a bonsai tree gift, prompting him to feed Tucker false information.

Jack is determined to outsmart Tucker, and the fallout from his thwarted plan is bound to leave Tucker fuming.

Expect Tucker to continue his efforts against the Abbotts, as the storyline unfolds in The Young and the Restless.

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