On CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful, recent revelations have left Zen unhappy as he expressed to Ridge that Ridge’s children, particularly RJ, receive special treatment at Forrester Creations. This perceived injustice not only troubles Zen but also raises discontent among other employees.

Ridge’s bias towards RJ is glaringly obvious and lacks tact, making Zen uncomfortable. RJ, Ridge’s so-called “Golden Child,” enjoys privileges despite having limited experience and achievements at Forrester Creations. The twist in the story emerges when the possibility arises that RJ may not be Ridge’s biological child.

In the past, Brooke had been torn between Ridge and Nick, Ridge’s cousin. Ridge never doubted RJ’s paternity, always considering him his biological son. There are two potential scenarios for Brooke: either she knew RJ wasn’t Ridge’s son but kept quiet, or she assumed it was Ridge’s without confirmation.

A DNA test was eventually conducted to prove RJ’s paternity, and the results confirmed Ridge as his biological father. However, the revelation suggests the possibility of a manipulated result by Brooke, who may have faked the DNA test to secure Ridge’s trust and keep him from learning the truth about RJ’s paternity. As the secrets on The Bold and the Beautiful are bound to be exposed sooner or later, the ramifications of RJ’s true parentage could have significant consequences.

RJ’s special treatment at Forrester Creations may be challenged if Ridge discovers he is not his biological son. This revelation may strain relationships within the family, especially with Thomas and Steffy, who may resent RJ’s involvement in the family business without sharing a bloodline.

The unfolding drama poses questions about how Ridge will react and whether RJ will continue to receive the same level of love and acceptance within the family and the company.

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