Adam and Sally found themselves in bed together last week. The last time this happened, Sally got pregnant with his baby.

A paternity test followed, and she ended up naming her Ava Hope. Initially, Sally hoped to raise the child with Nick Newman, only to face the heartbreaking loss of a stillborn child. The situation was tragic, and Adam made the right choice to prioritize Sally’s well-being.

Now that they’ve repeated this intimate encounter, there’s a chance Sally may get pregnant again. However, Sally is still grappling with her feelings for Adam. She might be tempted to run back to Nick, seeking forgiveness and asserting that there’s nothing left between her and Adam. Like last time, she may hope Nick will take her back.

Yet, Sally might have learned from her previous mistake. She may have started using birth control, and a part of her may still yearn for a child after losing Ava Hope. However, she likely realizes that raising Adam’s baby with Nick would be a disastrous idea.

Adam, on the other hand, seems to have a peculiar knack for fatherhood. This pattern has repeated itself with Chelsea when Conor was born, with Sage when Christian arrived, and then with Sally before she lost Ava Hope. So, it’s plausible that history could repeat itself. This time, Sally may choose to stop playing games.

It’s evident that Adam cares deeply for her, and she has her own feelings for him. If Sally were to become pregnant again, they could potentially start anew and build a family together. Of course, it’s likely that this wouldn’t last long, as it rarely does in soap opera stories.

Nevertheless, before things inevitably crumble, we’ll be treated to a compelling narrative. Adam might find solace in the fact that he had a chance to be with the woman he loves, even if it ends in turmoil, as it often does. And what if it doesn’t? Well, that’s all for today.


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