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In the latest episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric Forester is hospitalized and in critical condition. John Finn Finnegan harbors some optimism for Eric’s situation but realizes that Ridge Forester has to make difficult choices.

The spoilers for Monday, December 11’s episode reveal that Eric has collapsed after learning about Ridge’s lie regarding a contest. As everyone is aware of Eric’s deteriorating health, there is concern that this could be his last moment.

While Eric believes he’s going to die, Finn is determined to explore further options to assist Eric. Finn discovers something before their eyes that might give the family some optimism.

However, Eric is not conscious at this time, and Ridge, who may hold the medical power of attorney, could face an impossible choice if Eric has signed documents like a DNR.

The episode raises questions about Finn’s ability to save Eric and the real diagnosis behind Eric’s deteriorating health, hinting at the possibility of honey poisoning caused by Donna Logan.

The episode leaves viewers in suspense, wondering if Finn’s efforts will prolong Eric’s life and if Ridge will go against his father’s wishes to attempt to save him. Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding storyline.

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