Katie is the next person to know about Eric’s health condition, and we know she is about to tell Brooke and Ridge the truth.

Although Katie agreed with Eric and Donna to keep this secret, but we know that Katie isn’t good at keeping secrets.

She may blab to her sister Brooke a hint, and then Brooke will confront Katie and demand her to tell the truth.

Spoilers say that it’s only a matter of time before Ridge and Brooke know about Eric’s condition, and they will be shocked by it.

If Katie doesn’t say anything, we believe that others may do it, and this person could be RJ, especially when he is Ridge and Brooke’s son.

RJ feels terrible about keeping this secret and sees his grandad working in this condition, he wants to end things immediately.

The fashion showdown is coming close, and RJ is struggling to tell the truth or not, but we bet that Ridge will soon know about it.

Ridge and Eric both vowed to win, but when the secret comes to light, no one will care about the winner anymore.

Someone needs to step up to save Eric before it’s too late, and this fashion showdown needs to be canceled to save Eric.

Spoilers say that Ridge will cancel the fashion battle after knowing that his father is dying.

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