We are very curious to know about the secret that Li and her sister Poppy are keeping, and this secret is related to the Forresters.

There has been no information about it, we only know that Poppy had an affair with a doctor, and Li is still very furious with that.

Li is extremely angry with Luna and she will push Luna to leave town immediately, she is terrified of something that could happen.

Right now, Luna and RJ are in love, so they will fight back against Li because they don’t want to be separated easily like this.

Finn is also curious to know what his mom is hiding, and spoilers say that Finn will continue to confront Li to demand an answer about that.

But looks like Li won’t say anything to her son, she only says that Poppy made a terrible mistake and this is a disgrace to the family.

She explained to her son that Luna couldn’t stay here because of a terrible secret and it could destroy everything if someone found out.

But spoilers say that Luna’s father could be a Forrester man, and this man is a familiar face to viewers.

Since RJ kissed Luna this week, and it looks like a romance is blooming. But that relationship wouldn’t be destroyed if a Forrester is her father.

If Ridge is Luna’s father, Luna and RJ are siblings, so we hope that Ridge isn’t Luna’s father after all.

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