It’s really sad to see two of our favorite characters fighting. Eric and Ridge used to get along, and they were like heroes to many. But something changed, and now they’re fighting for control of the family business.

Eric worked really hard to make the company great, but some people seem to forget that. The fight between father and son is just starting, and it might get really bad.

Ridge was upset about how Eric was acting, and now he’s getting angry. He has a secret plan, and we don’t know what it is. Eric is starting to see that Ridge might not be on his side like he says he is.

Ridge knows that Eric built the company, but he still wants to take over. When Brooke told Ridge what Eric said, we knew the fight was going to be big. Eric wants to show Ridge that he’s not going to give up easily.

Brooke doesn’t like the fight, but she’s on Ridge’s side. She’ll do anything to help Ridge, even if it hurts Eric. Eric is getting people to help him too, so now they’re on different sides.

Donna and Brooke are on one side, and Thomas is too. RJ is helping Eric because he wants what his grandpa wants. Ridge thinks he should be the boss, but Eric won’t give up his job so easily.

Ridge will try to push Eric out of the way, even if it hurts him. Eric will show Ridge that he’s not going to let him take over. Ridge will do anything to get what he wants, even if it means being mean.

This fight is going to show a side of Ridge that we didn’t know was there.

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