I know we’ve been discussing Eric Forrester a lot lately, but unfortunately, his imminent death is dominating the show. Despite this grim reality, it appears Ridge is the only one seemingly eager for Eric’s demise, as he can’t wait to pull the plug on his father.

Eric’s last wish was for his family to get along, a seemingly simple request for most, but in the world of the Forresters, it’s akin to suggesting Stephy Forrester didn’t want to harm Brooke at some point. The show intensifies the drama with a hospital visit for Eric, where Finn checks his medical records, stirring hope for the patriarch’s situation.

The fate of John McCook’s future contract remains uncertain, adding to the suspense. As the week progresses, the upcoming B&B spoilers hint at Finn and Bridget Forester working tirelessly to save Eric, while Ridge faces a monumental decision that could echo past family history.

This situation reminds us of a previous coma Eric endured years ago when Donna, not Ridge, held the power to decide whether to pull him off life support. The teasers suggest Ridge holds the reins this time, grappling with a life-altering decision. Despite Donna and Eric sharing a romantic bond, their marriage is a thing of the past.

Spoilers indicate a divide in opinions over Eric’s fate, with Stephy and Donna forming an alliance, joined by Bridget and Thorne. Reports suggest they strongly advocate for Ridge to make the right choice concerning Eric’s future.

However, Ridge appears unwilling to budge if he believes it’s the right thing to do. In short, Eric’s wish for familial harmony seems far from realization, and the video concludes with an invitation to subscribe and hit the bell icon for more updates.

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