RJ has fallen in love with Luna, so he won’t let his girlfriend leave easily like that, he will dig deep and find out the secret.

Even when this secret could explore everything, but RJ will go for it, and spoilers say that he will stop Li from confronting his girlfriend.

RJ will step up to protect Luna, and that means he will fight against Li and Luna’s mother, Poppy.

They are hiding a terrible secret, so let’s see how RJ finds out and brings this secret to light.

We only know that Li has a conflict with her sister, and she said that her sister slept with a co-worker at the hospital.

So maybe Luna is this doctor’s daughter after their love affair, but how could it affect the Forresters?

Looks like Li is worrying about her life and her son’s life in LA if this secret comes out.

With that in mind, some rumors on social media said that it could somehow relate to Finn, maybe he and Poppy had an affair in the past.

Although Finn is too young to have a daughter like Luna, but anything could happen in this soap world.

Spoilers say that RJ will be shocked with his discovery, and looks like something bad is going to happen to Finn.

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