Spoilers say that Eric’s situation is getting worse, and he won’t be able to hide his serious health issue for much longer.

This week, RJ will be the first person to notice the unusual things from his granddad, especially when he sees Eric coughing up blood.

He will be shocked and worried about Eric’s condition, so he will confront Eric and demand him to tell the truth.

Eric can’t hide anymore, so he will finally reveal to RJ what he is facing, and of course, RJ won’t believe in his ears anymore.

He can’t believe that Eric only has six months to live, and he totally gives up on fighting to live, he just wants to work.

RJ will advise Eric to step back from the fashion showdown but it looks like Eric is very determined with his decision this time.

So RJ will be left struggling with this devastating news, what will he do to save Eric, because he can’t see his granddad dying like this?

Will he tell his dad the truth and find a way to end this fashion battle, because we know that only Ridge can stop this?

But RJ has been loyal to his granddad since day one, so Eric will feel like his grandson betrayed him and destroyed his last dream.

Spoilers say that RJ will discover a shocking secret, that is Donna, who poisoned Eric and left him to dead.

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