RTV Soap News and Spoilers reports that the real game begins when Leo decides to take revenge on Sloan after learning that Demitri cannot go free and is sent to an isolated cell.

The video discusses how Leo came back looking for Sloan after EJ kicked him out of the Dem Mansion, and despite Leo’s attempts to reveal the truth about the baby, EJ didn’t believe him.

Leo confronts Sloan, refusing to forgive her and opting to blackmail her instead. However, Eric interrupts their conversation, and Leo discovers that Demitri has been transported to supermax.

Leo vows to blow up Sloan’s world, believing she is behind it. The report suggests that Sloan may fail against Leo’s investigative skills, predicting that Leo might uncover more secrets related to Sloan.

The ongoing secret is that the baby is not EJ’s but Eric’s, known only to Melinda and Sloan. Melinda orchestrated the adoption plan, making Nicole believe her son had died.

The video speculates on whether Leo will be the one to expose the truth about Sloan and Eric’s adopted son being Eric’s biological child with Nicole. The audience is invited to join in waiting to see Leo’s actions in the near future.

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