ABC General Hospital spoilers reveal that in a recent episode, Carly told Joss about how Bobby and Tracy had arrived in Amsterdam and were helping with Luke’s final affairs. Luke is dead, but there is some work that still needs to be done and cannot be left unfinished.

Bobby and Tracy are both very close to Luke, so, of course, they went to Amsterdam to complete this. Carly expressed concern because Amsterdam is a dangerous city with a lot of crime compared to Port Charles, and Bobby and Tracy don’t even have bodyguards by their sides, making them vulnerable.

However, Tracy returns to Port Charles early and reveals that Bobby passed away in a car accident. When Carly saw that Tracy was the only one coming back, she became suspicious, and just like what she predicted, the unexpected happened. Carly was completely shocked by this news and couldn’t believe it until she received Bobby’s body.

A few weeks ago, Carly was talking to Bobby, and now she received her cold body. With Bobby’s death, Carly is heartbroken, as Bobby was the person she cared about and loved very much.

Bobby’s funeral will take place, and despite Carly’s grief, she has to organize a dignified funeral for Bobby.

Sunny will help Carly officiate her mother’s funeral, as he is more experienced in handling such situations. Drew will comfort Carly to help her overcome this great loss.

Bobby’s departure was a big shock, but Carly needs to be strong and face the truth. Drew continues to support her through these tough times.

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