Chance is already seeing Sharon, which is Summer’s worst disappointment, as she has strong feelings for him. At least for the time being, she’s making an effort to avoid causing any disruptions to their connection.

Due to Sharon’s tendency to return to Nick, Phyllis, being clever, believes that the relationship between Sharon and Chance will not be successful. There is a possibility that someone will become aware of the fact that Sharon and Nick are involved in a unique relationship.

To prevent being the cause of any complications, Summer may experiment with something else. It’s possible that Summer has not yet considered the simple solution that Phyllis may have offered. From Phyllis’s perspective, it always ends up with Nick for Sharon, and she believes that Sharon and Chance will not be able to maintain their relationship.

Here’s the concept: instead of being the other woman, Summer can choose to act as a matchmaker, considering that it would be beneficial for both Sharon and Nick. She may make an effort to change Sharon’s mind about Nick, believing it would be beneficial for all parties involved, particularly Sharon’s children.

If Summer agrees with Phyllis, she may persuade herself that Sharon and Nick will finally end up together. Summer sees it as a solution that will benefit everyone, including the children of Sharon and Nick. While this is happening, Summer is certain that she and Chance can both find happiness in each other’s company.

She hopes that if Sharon and Nick reconcile, she will finally be able to spend time with Chance without feeling guilty. Summer and Chance represent the happy endings in Summer’s universe.

What happens next will depend on Summer’s choices. Will she attempt to reconcile Nick and Sharon? Would Summer be able to have her own love story with Chance if Sharon and Nick reconcile?

Once things settle down between Nick and Sharon, Summer may reconsider her initial goal and pursue a relationship with Chance. That’s all for today; if you like our videos, please subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon for updates.

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