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Before we begin, please hit the Subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up. Ridge and Stephy believe that they ought to have released Eric, thinking that Dad would be so touched by their offer.

As they sit down at the conference table in the Executive Suite of Forrester Creations next to Zen, discussions unfold about completing Eric’s last collection.

Zen claims he had to fight the prospect of Eric never coming back to Forrester, stating that RJ is too young and inexperienced. Ridge, however, insists that RJ completes the collection.

Later, Stephy arrives, apologizing for being late, and the family discusses visiting Eric at the hospital. RJ expresses guilt about wanting more time with Eric, and Luna assures him it’s normal.

Zen shares his feelings of exclusion, and Luna regrets robbing him of the chance to work on Eric’s final ideas.

Dr. Martin, Finn, and Bridget check on Eric’s condition at the hospital, with Bridget questioning whether they should have let Eric leave.

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