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Spoilers for General Hospital suggest that Michael Corinthos might take his power trip too far and end up regretting it.

Since discovering Nina was the SEC informant, Michael has been in control, blackmailing Nina to comply with his wishes. Michael threatens to reveal the truth to Willow and Sonny Corinthos if Nina doesn’t comply, severely limiting her interactions with Willow and the grandchildren.

Despite Michael’s attempts to cut Nina out of their lives entirely, tensions rise as Nina delivers Thanksgiving goodies. Michael’s strict gatekeeping and influence on Nina’s interactions are causing strain within the Corinthos family.

Nina, wanting to maintain a favorable opinion with Willow and a stable relationship with Sonny, struggles with Michael’s dominance.

As Michael’s behavior becomes more absurd, fans anticipate an eventual confrontation between Nina, Sonny, and Michael. General Hospital spoilers hint at an argument between Nina and Sonny during the week of December 4 to 8, possibly triggered by Michael’s manipulation.

As tensions escalate, fans wonder if Sonny will uncover Michael’s role in manipulating the situation and force him to tell the truth.

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