Sharon has chosen to stay silent regarding the cozy moments she’s observed between Chance and Summer. She typically avoids becoming overly concerned or discussing potential friendships with Chance. While aware that Chance may have friends, she has tried to ignore the flirting and staring happening before her eyes.

However, as the Newman family faces a significant issue, with Summer about to learn about their struggles, Sharon may find it challenging to maintain her composure. Summer, dealing with the shocking revelation about CLA, might turn to Chance for support during this tumultuous time.

As Chance cracks jokes and acts flirty to cheer up Summer, Sharon may start noticing his emotional involvement. Patient until now, Sharon could reach a breaking point, prompting her to have a conversation with Chance about his true feelings for Summer. Encouraging him to be honest with both herself and Summer, Sharon aims to provide clarity on Chance’s romantic goals.

Depending on Chance’s response, Sharon might express disapproval if she senses a serious connection between him and Summer. The ultimate choice between Summer and Sharon lies with Chance, and as he undergoes deep introspection, the unfolding events will reveal the direction of his romantic journey.

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