Spoilers say that a terrible disaster is coming to the Forrester family, and we all know that it’s about Eric and his health problems.

This week, Eric will finally get his heartbreaking diagnosis, and we know that he doesn’t have too much time left.

Maybe Dr Colin can’t find a way to save Eric so we could only see his situation getting worse each days, and a sad ending is waiting ahead.

Eric doesn’t care about his problems at all, he only focuses on the fashion battle with his son Ridge, and he doesn’t stop working.

As the fashion showdown gets closer, Eric is coming near to his last day and everybody will be shocked when he collapses.

Meanwhile, Sheila is trying her best to become a better person, even when Li is finding a way to make Sheila goes crazy.

Sheila is very determined with her chance to make people change their mind, even when it’s hard for her.

But she knows that this is the only chance, and Sheila will show everybody that she deserves a chance.

Spoilers say that Sheila will soon learn about Eric’s condition, and she will decide to to something.

If Sheila could save Eric, it could be a shocking bombshell for all viewers and people in LA too, will they finally accept Sheila?

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