Speaking of Steffy’s return, she understands that the danger to her family is still very significant as Sheila is still living in town.

So, this time when she comes back, Steffy will not stand still to let Sheila threaten her family. She will take action to permanently remove Sheila from her family.

Of course, Finn will assist his wife in this plan. They will not give Sheila a chance to access their family and children.

However, confronting someone as dangerous as Sheila has never been easy, and Steffy may face significant challenges in this plan.

Meanwhile, Sheila and Deacon are starting a new life, although people are trying to sabotage them.

Especially Li Finnegan with bold actions at the restaurant, so Sheila is trying very hard to stay calm.

She will soon learn about Steffy’s return, but Sheila and Deacon believe that they will find a way to persuade Steffy to change.

The confrontation between Sheila and Steffy will return to the screen in the near future, and we believe it will be very interesting and engaging.

However, currently, all attention is focused on Eric and his health. Steffy will be very saddened to learn that her grandfather is nearing death.

And perhaps Eric’s death will soon occur and be a major loss for the show.

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