ABC General Hospital spoilers unveil a tense confrontation between Sunny and Brennan as Sunny warns him to stay away from Carly.

Brennan, the head of the Pikeman group, faces suspicion from Sunny regarding his intentions toward Carly, who is Sunny’s ex-wife. Despite Brennan’s claims of good intentions in visiting Carly, Sunny remains distrustful, given Brennan’s scheming nature.

In an unexpected turn, Brennan reveals a shocking piece of information—he knows that Morgan, believed to be deceased, is actually alive. Sunny and Carly had long harbored suspicions about Morgan’s fate, and Brennan offers proof in the form of recent photos of Morgan.

Stunned by this revelation, Sunny grapples with the reality that his son may still be alive. Brennan seizes this moment to negotiate with Sunny, proposing that he will arrange a meeting between Sunny and Morgan.

However, Brennan sets a condition—Sunny must cooperate with the Pikeman Corporation, a move Sunny had been reluctant to make.

Faced with the opportunity to reunite with his son, Sunny is forced to consider a compromise with Brennan, even if it means entering into an agreement that goes against his principles.

The storyline intensifies as Sunny contemplates the difficult choice between reuniting with Morgan and resisting collaboration with the Pikeman Group.

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