• The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Luna

A new girl named Luna ( Lisa Yamada ) has appeared on the show, and spoilers say that she is keeping a dark secret. And there are so many questions about this lady. We could see that Luna has her eyes on RJ Forrester ( Joshua Hoffman ), and looks like something will happen between the two youngsters.

Luna is a bit shy when we hear a mystery woman talk to her on the phone, she says that Luna needs to stay away from the Forresters. So looks like this mystery woman has a relationship with the people in town, maybe she is a familiar face to us.

Luna listens to this woman, but it’s hard for her to resist a handsome boy like RJ, and she will continue to bond with him.


  • The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Li’s long-lost daughter

Troubles are coming to RJ and the Forrester family, maybe they will deal with an old enemy in the past, and Luna has a relationship with them. But there are some rumors on social media about Luna’s parents, some viewers think that Luna may related to Li Finnegan ( Naomi Matsuda ).

Maybe she is Li’s long-lost daughter, because they are Asians, and there aren’t too many Asians on this show. Luna could bring some fresh air to the show, maybe a secret will come out in the near future and shock people in town.

Let’s wait and see who is the person behind Luna, and what happened between her and the Forresters.


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