It’s becoming increasingly clear that Claire Grace is indeed the daughter of Victoria and Cole, previously believed to be dead. Victoria is opting for a DNA test, and unless someone interferes with it, the results are expected to be positive. However, the revelation of Claire’s true identity is causing significant turmoil within the Newman family.

Under normal circumstances, Victoria would have welcomed her daughter back, and everyone would have been thrilled for her. Yet, the situation is complicated, as Claire subjected everyone, especially her grandmother Nikki, to months, if not years, of trauma.

Although Claire ultimately did the right thing and was manipulated, the extent of her crimes is hard to overlook. Despite this, like Victoria, Nikki may want to discover the true identity of Claire, not as someone’s puppet or as Eve Nicole Howard, but as a person in her own right.

Nikki, having experienced manipulation in the past, might be the first person to seek understanding and forgiveness for Claire. While Nikki is currently suffering, she knows what it’s like to be played by an evil force, as exemplified by her history with Ian Ward.

It could be a risky move, considering Claire’s upbringing surrounded by anger and revenge, but Nikki may be inclined to give her a chance for redemption. Giving Claire the antidote proved to be a turning point, revealing a glimpse of her potential goodness.

Despite the skepticism from others, once Nikki gets a chance to recover, she might be willing to extend forgiveness and offer Claire a second chance. As the Newman family grapples with their plan to forgive Claire, Nikki’s perspective may play a crucial role in shaping the family dynamics. Share your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned for further developments.

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