Spoilers say that Finn and Hope will continue to bond and spend more time together, and looks like something is going to happen between them.

Hope is growing some feelings for Finn, the man that she thinks Steffy is lucky to marry, and she believes that she deserves a good man like him.

But not only that, Hope used to steal Steffy’s man before, we all remember that Hope destroyed Steffy’s marriage with Liam years ago.

So if she has feelings for Finn, we believe that Hope won’t affraid of stealing Steffy’s man one more time.

But the problems here is, Finn is totally devoted to Steffy, he isn’t like Liam, he is a loyal man and he won’t cheat on his wife.

Finn is trying his best to get rid of Sheila so that he can take back his wife and the kids, but he still doesn’t know what to do.

Spoilers say that there is still a long way ahead for Hope and Finn to develope their relationship, especially when Steffy is away.

So there is a chance that Finn could fall for Hope in some moments, like what happened at the cliff house days ago, Finn hugged Hope while she was crying.

And things will become more complicated and interesting if someone catches them at that moment.

If Steffy returns unexpectedly to give her husband a surprise, but then she is the one who gets the surprise by catching Finn and Hope hugging.

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