Next week, something unexpected happens between Sheila and Deacon. Deacon could lose a lot if people find out he loves Sheila.

His daughter Hope and her mom Brooke might be very upset with him. They might never forgive him for hiding Sheila on Bold and the Beautiful. Ridge already has some doubts.

Deacon is really worried. He might choose to ask Sheila to leave and stop being together. If he does, we have a guess about who she might go to.

If Deacon decides to ask Sheila to leave, she might go to her son, Finn. She really wants to have a relationship with him on Bold and the Beautiful.

Finn’s wife, Steffy, took their kids and went to Europe. So, Finn is alone in the house. Sheila might ask him if she can stay, and Finn might think about it.

Later, his adoptive mom, Li Finnegan, tries to convince him to get rid of Sheila forever. But he can’t seem to let go of his birth mom, and he’s grown fond of her.

He’s already lost Steffy, and he might lose Li too. Soon, Sheila might be the only one he has left.

But spoilers say that Steffy will give Finn a biggest shock of his life when she returns from Europe.

This time, she will return with a baby bump, and that means she’s pregnant, but who is the baby’s father.

Maybe it’s Finn’s, but what if Steffy did something shady in Europe with Liam or another man, things will become more complicated.


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