Steffy Forrester has rattled every one of us with her newfound courage and strength. She recently went on to find Sheila and first gave that woman an earful, then proceeded to give Sheila a shove and a push, finally ending the party with a punch on the she-devil’s face.

But it’s her turn to get the shock of her life now, and well, you may have guessed it, Hope’s going to be the one to surprise the soul out of her. Steffy is not the only one who has transformed, you know. Hope used to be a naive woman, but she’s as strong and courageous as Steffy, and she’s not going to take any kind of crap from anyone.

As we all know, the show does not use a lot of sets, and we really see anything more than the office anymore. So Hope and Thomas’s steamy sessions have been going around at the same design office, which may be thrilling for them, but they’re going to scar someone mentally if they’re not careful enough. That being said, Steffy will stumble upon the scene soon with the half-naked Hope with her brother, and she will be seeing red with anger.

Before Steffy went into hiding, she gave Hope a clear warning to steer clear from her brother. Steffy knows Thomas has done everything in his power to change, so she doesn’t want him turning back into his manipulative and obsessive self. But Hope, knowing what Thomas feels for her, is ready to make him hooked on her all over again, and it upsets Steffy. So once again, she’ll give Hope a long, hard lecture.

But Hope won’t listen to anything Steffy has to say. In fact, Hope for the Future Muse will clap back and remind Steffy not to cross any boundaries. Hope and Thomas both are adults, so Steffy has no business trying to make them feel like they’re doing something wrong.

What are they, 17 again? When Brooke had similar concerns and she desperately wanted Hope to stop flirting with Thomas, Hope made it clear that who she decides to sleep with is none of her mother’s business. So a similar scene may replay with Steffy and Hope.

This time, Hoping Steffy’s feud is nothing new, but at least this time it’s not because of Liam. Although I have to say that Steffy should try to concentrate on one thing. She’s already poking the bear; she doesn’t want to be distracted when the bear strikes again, right? So what do you think? Subscribe and hit the bell icon if you enjoy the video.

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