When Taylor Hayes comes back to LA, she probably hears that Steffy is very unhappy without Finn. This likely makes her want to talk some sense into her son-in-law.

Finn just had a talk with his mom, Li Finnegan. Li told him the same thing last week on Bold and the Beautiful.

So, it seems Taylor Hayes, like Finn’s mom, is also telling him to fix his marriage. She insists he needs to find a way to keep Sheila away from his family for good.

But that’s just one issue Taylor faces when she returns. It seems Ridge Forrester and Brooke are having a disagreement.

They don’t agree when it comes to Thomas. But this might work in Taylor’s favor.

Taylor is probably worried about Thomas, her son. He’s worked hard to move on from his feelings for Hope, so this could be a setback for him.

Especially if Hope is just leading him on. But maybe she genuinely cares about him.

So, Taylor might talk to Hope about what she really wants with her son. She might remind her that toying with his feelings could be a step back.

Even though Hope says she doesn’t love Thomas, it seems like maybe she does.

If that’s true, Taylor might find herself on the opposite side of the fight Brooke is having to keep her daughter with Thomas.

But spoilers say that a shocking love affair will change everything on this show, and it relates to Liam and Taylor

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