• The Bold and Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Spencer hates Thomas Forrester

As we can see, Liam Spencer ( Scott Clifton ) doesn’t want Hope Logan ( Annika Noelle ) anymore, he loves Steffy Forrester ( Jacqueline MacInnes Wood ) more than her now, and he only wants to be with his ex-wife.

But Liam Spencer is a selfish man, he doesn’t want Hope Logan to fall for Thomas Forrester ( Matthew Atkinson ), because he still hates Thomas Forrester so much, and he tried to stop Hope Logan from that.

Liam Spencer thinks that Thomas Forrester is still a dangerous man, and he doesn’t trust him with his wife and his daughter.

But there is one thing that Liam Spencer doesn’t know, Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester slept together, and they will soon come back together.

Now Hope Logan doesn’t have to worry about Liam Spencer anymore, she knows that he doesn’t want her so she has no reason to refuse Thomas Forrester.


  • The Bold and Beautiful Spoilers: Custody battle

Spoilers say that Thomas Forrester will step up and be the man for Hope Logan, and this time, Hope Logan will agree and accept him into her life.

Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester are ready to start their new relationship together and build a new family with Douglas Forrester ( Henry Joseph Samiri ) and Beth Spencer ( Jordyn Lynn Ariza )
When Liam Spencer knows about it, he will be furious and angry with Hope Logan, he can’t trust Thomas Forrester and can’t let this man stay near his daughter Beth Spencer.

Liam Spencer knows that he can’t stop Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester anymore, but he has another plan, he will fight for Beth Spencer’s custody.

A custody battle will happen between Liam Spencer and Hope Logan, and if Liam Spencer wins, Hope Logan will feel sad and desperate for losing her daughter.


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  1. Let Hope have a baby with Thomas were is the lil twerp puke going I hope he does all this and Loses Beth & Kelly and is alone

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