• The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam won’t stop

Many people is angry with Liam Spencer ( Scott Clifton ) right now and looks like things are becoming more complicated because Liam won’t stop his waffling style. Now Liam is in the scope of not one, not even two, but three people, and we all know that Thomas Forrester ( Matthew Atkinson ) and John “Finn” Finnegan ( Tanner Novlan ) will not let it easy.

Only Brooke Logan ( Katherine Kelly Lang ) and RJ Forrester ( Joshua Hoffman ) are supporting Liam right now, but they feel quite disappointed with him after he once again rejects Hope. Now Thomas will take this chance and be the new man in Hope Logan’s ( Annika Noelle ) life, and he will make Liam feel regret for that mistake.

But not only Thomas, but Finn is also keeping his eyes closed on Liam so that he can protect his marriage.


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This week, Finn will hear the words that he has been waiting for a long time, and his wife Steffy Forrester ( Jacqueline MacInnes Wood ) finally accepts to come home with him. Finn trusts his wife, but he doesn’t trust Liam, so he will try to stop Liam from visiting Steffy at the cliff house.

But Liam doesn’t care about that, he always finds a chance to be alone with Steffy, while Finn is working at the hospital. Liam still wants Steffy back, even when she tells him that she’s married to Finn, but Liam doesn’t respect this marriage.

Spoilers say that Liam and Steffy will cross the line and things will change forever from that moment.


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8 thoughts on “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Finn goes crazy when he catched Liam and Steffy in bed”
  1. Let Stephanie and Liam be together hope and Brooke separated them. They were in love and hope wouldn’t leave him alone. Let them find happiness together get rid of fan. Hope deserves Thomas. She had an affair with Liam and Stephie was married to him so she isn’t actually all that good is she? The Logan sisters need to be put in their place. Let Quinn come back and take Eric from Donna and let Taylor take Ridge from Brooke. They served have no one.

  2. I’m so tired of Liam’s waffling. How dare he not forgive Hope as many times as she forgave him for his indiscretion. Hope forget Liam, be with Thomas. Ridge be with Brooke, Taylor your ship has sailed, move on . Donna stay wit Eric. Quinn don’t come back.

  3. Please don’t turn Flinn into Shelia. He doesn’t need to play the role as a shooter. Let Flinn and Stephanie reconcile and live happily. Liam needs to get a new life. Bring some new people to the show.

    1. Allow Liam to catch the bullet aimed for Steff when he goes to her home against Finn advice. Steff & Finn need another chance.

  4. Leave steffy and Finn alone I’m so tried of Liam.He always do the back and forth mess all the time. Just take Liam off the show he boring. Don’t make Finn out to be like shelia which she isn’t his mother anyway. And remove Liam out these peoples life I’m so sick of him.

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