• The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Spencer doesn’t know what to do

Liam Spencer ( Scott Clifton )’s romantic journey has been a rollercoaster between Hope Logan ( Annika Noelle ) and Steffy Forrester ( Jacqueline MacInnes Wood ) for quite some time now. With both women having moved on to new relationships, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Liam Spencer needs to find a way to move forward as well.

Steffy Forrester, in particular, deserves a partner who is wholly committed to her, and that person is undoubtedly Finn. His unwavering support and devotion to her should be the foundation of their relationship.

However, it’s puzzling why the show’s writers appear to be revisiting the Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester storyline yet again. Considering how many times their on-again-off-again dynamic has been explored.


  • The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester’s pregnant

Liam Spencer’s indecision between Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan continues, but it’s evident that he lacks any fresh romantic prospects. Rather than recycling this cycle, perhaps it’s time for the show to introduce a new character who can provide Liam Spencer with genuine love.

But a shocking twist will happen to Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer and will change their relationship forever. It could be a shocking pregnancy because Liam Spencer and Steffy Forrester will soon land in bed together.


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33 thoughts on “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam rushes to the hospital after learning that Steffy is pregnant”
      1. Me to I will no longer watch if they do that to Finn and Steffy I want to see that one couple who sets an example. To other couples which should be Finn and Steffy

        1. Y’all are making the show look stupid.people are tired of seeing stuffy and Liam together.he looks better with hope.and finn is a better man for stuffy.let hope have some happiness to.dont make story all about stuffy periodtt.i am going to watch something else if y’all put steffy back with Liam.

          1. Why should you think Steffy and Liam do not belong together? They have a better chemistry than hopeless. Milk toast she is. Steffy is fire!

      1. Finn is a Neanderthal! Look at his brow. He is NOT handsome at all. And Sheila being his mom makes him as crazy as her! Run Steffy run!

  1. No don’t let Steffy and Liam hop in bed with one another. Let Steffy be pregnant with Finn’s baby. Liam already got Hope pregnant.

    1. Boycott the show tired of stuffy and Liam they haven’t slept together and it is the same story line writers need to be fired if they put stuffy and Liam together

  2. If those writers put Steffy and Liam in bed together I am through watching B&B. Because that is pathetic letting Liam jump from bed to bed, leading both of those women own. People don’t want to see that, if you can’t land one you the other one. If I were those women you wouldn’t treat me like that.

  3. No whatever you do, do not get Liam and Steffy back together. She has a great and handsome husband Finn. Let Liam go back to Hope, she may eventually take him back, when she gets tired of playboy, Thomas.

  4. I already on the about to quit watching because of them trying to break up Finn
    And Steffy but this will make it final for sure. And i am sick of brook and Ridge
    I fast forward their scenes so don’t have to watch them
    Bring in new people and betters storylins stop repeating same thing over amd over

  5. Liam and Steffy? I will be done with B&B if that happens. I can’t stand wussy little Liam, he’s a whiner and a cry baby. Steffy needs Finn, a strong man devoted only to her. I wish Finn would pound Liam’s face in.

  6. This storyline is getting so old. I used to enjoy watching B&B, now it is the same over and over. Nothing new. Everyone bouncing from bed to bed. Tired of Brooke playing the loving and concerned mother. Hope needs get a backbone and tell her mother to back off. Get some new characters. More Bill snd Wyatt Spencer, less Liam. Just tired of watching the same old baloney.

  7. Find Liam another woman!! Thomas and Hope have a child together, too!!
    Let Hope and Thomas have another baby!!

  8. You writers are something else, leave these two ppl alone…..it’s time to change the same old same old stuff..let the baby be where it’s supposed to be with the parents..Steffy and Finn…why does it always have to be a twist and send Liam and Steffy to bed. Don’t you think it’s time for someody to live happily ever after..carry that drama to someone else. You are running ppl away from the show..Time for a change

  9. If you don’t leave Steffy and Finn together I will stop watching the show and you will lose a lot more of your viewers as well.

  10. If you don’t keep Steffy and Finn together I will stop watching this show and you are going to lose a lot more of your viewers as well.

  11. Come on writers. Finally listen to your viewers. Finn & Steffy and Thomas & Hope with babies on the way.

  12. Go home Liam!! Steffy loves her husband Liam. I will boycott if the writer mess up Finn and Steffy marriage.

  13. als het zo doorgaat stop ik met kijken. afleveringen herhalen zich als vroeger tussen brook en tyler geen zin meer in. Haal Quin maar terug voor Bil. Dan krijg je pas spannend.

    1. It’s time to let Steffy and Finn be happy and let Liam put his tail between his legs and walk away and find someone new. Be a man and not a mousey cry baby.

  14. I will also stop watching if Steffy and Finn aren’t left together! And another pet peeve is Ridge and Brooke! Get rid of your writers it’s time!

  15. Please don’t make Liam a weak simpering and whimpering human again. With Hope he had some credibility and now more of the same old same old. Put it to rest please.

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