• The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Eric Forrester and Ridge Forrester have an argument

Eric Forrester ( John McCook ) is going to have a storyline this week but looks like it will be a sad and maybe a final storyline for the Forrester man. As we know, Eric Forrester told his son Ridge Forrester about his desire to collaborate with him on a legacy line, but Ridge Forrester didn’t listen to him.

Ridge Forrester ( Thorsten Kaye ) focuses on his work too much and doesn’t care about his dad’s words, so maybe it will lead to a misunderstanding. Eric Forrester and Ridge Forrester will have an argument about it, and a huge conflict will appear in their relationship as well.

Maybe Eric Forrester is hiding something serious about himself, he just wants to do a line with his son, before he can’t.


  • The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sad storyline

Eric Forrester is old and maybe he knows that he doesn’t have too much time left, he wants to do something before it’s too late. Later this week, spoilers tease that Eric Forrester will try to protect his legacy and demand respect from his son, Ridge Forrester.

Maybe he will feel sad and disappointed with his son for what he did to him, and Ridge Forrester will feel regret after he learns Eric Forrester’s secret. Ridge Forrester doesn’t care about his dad and doesn’t want to work with him this time, but he won’t be able to work with Eric Forrester anymore.

A sad storyline for Eric Forrester is on the way and maybe Eric Forrester will say goodbye to his family this time.


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6 thoughts on “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Sad storyline next month as Eric says good bye to his family”
  1. Eric is that Matriarch of the family. Please keep him on the show. He is the show. You don’t show much of him now so why let him go.

  2. Please keep Eric on the show he is the Matriarch of the show. Love him. Why let him go when we don’t see much of him as we would like to see him.

  3. This is sad for Eric he is an amazing man & actor … l loved him & Quinn together she really cared for him…Eric is a wonderful family man he even took Ridge in as a Forresters when we all know he was Maroney he is an insult to poor old Eric…l hope Eric isn’t to unwell we love you & want you to stay on the show…luv you forever Eric xxxxx

  4. oh no i sure hope everything is ok with him maybe he just wants to retire and this is the way he will leave if this is true he will be missed if he leaves just like his wife that died loved her so much

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