• The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Eric Forrester’s strange behaviors

Eric Forrester ( John McCook ) has been acting strange lately, and we know that something bad is going to happen to him, maybe it could be shocking news. Due to some rumors on social media, they said that this is his final storyline and he will leave the show, after 35 years.

Back to the storyline, Eric Forrester and Ridge Forrester ( Thorsten Kaye ) are having some issues, because Eric Forrester thinks his son Ridge Forrester doesn’t respect him and his legacy. He wants to work but Ridge Forrester doesn’t think this company needs him anymore, which makes Eric Forrester angry and demands his son to let him work.

Eric Forrester believes that he could still do a lot of things for this company, and he will try to get back to work. Next week, Eric Forrester will have a conversation with his grandson RJ, and this young man will try to help Eric Forrester this time.


  • The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Shocking exit


But the problem here is, that Eric Forrester is feeling insignificant these days as the younger generation mows over him at the company. Especially his son Ridge Forrester, this man thinks that Eric Forrester should retire and watch him and Steffy run this company.

This will create a huge conflict between Eric Forrester and Ridge Forrester, and spoilers say that it will lead to a sad ending. Maybe Eric Forrester will leave the company after this, and we won’t be able to see him more often from there.


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7 thoughts on “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Shocking news, Eric confirmed that he will leave the show next month”
  1. I’m sad to see Eric go i will miss him I don’t believe this show will be the same without him I’m hoping it’s not true.

  2. The show won’t be the same without our gentleman Eric. If he must retire I understand but would love to see him from time to time

  3. I really hate to see Eric leave. I really wish the writers would just leave him in. Maybe just have him appear just a few times a month. Please don’t kill him off. Basically offer a semi retirement deal. That way it’s a win win for everyone! The fans will be happy and the man who plays Eric will be happy. Just my thoughts!

  4. I THINK IF Eric is gonna Retire and get killed off or something. Like that dont do it to where Ridge is. Gonna feel bad about it. Just let him be found. But. Oh my Eric leave the show. I have watched from day one. Wow. We sure will. Miss him.

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