Okay, I want to make it clear that I’m not saying Eric should actually die on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Like everyone else, I don’t want Eric to leave the show altogether. But have you guys ever considered the possibilities if he did pass away?

One thing is evident by now: Eric loves his family deeply, and he wouldn’t want to see the people he cares about suffer by witnessing his own decline. So, what if Eric were to fake his death? I know it may sound a bit far-fetched, but sometimes a clean-cut ‘passing’ is much easier than slowly watching a loved one’s health deteriorate until there’s hardly anything left.

Regardless, the point I’m getting at is that if Eric were to stage his ‘demise,’ Ridge and everyone else would naturally assume that he’s left control of the company to Ridge. This would shift the dynamics significantly. But here’s an interesting twist: this could pave the way for Rick’s return. I know many fans miss him, and having him back on the show could be a lot of fun.

On the flip side, Thor could also make a return. Imagine the drama of Thor reuniting with Taylor and the two of them combining their shares to potentially seize control, or even something grander.

If Eric were to step away from the scene, even if temporarily, it would create a power vacuum. With everyone at each other’s throats, Bill Spencer would undoubtedly be delighted. He wouldn’t even have to engineer any schemes to divert their attention. He could swoop in, buy up a significant portion of the company’s shares, and when the dust settles, it would be revealed that the new big shot isn’t even a Forrester, but Dollar Bill Spencer.

Ridge would likely be beside himself. However, a little later down the line, we might see Eric return. As everyone grapples with confusion, he could have a major secret up his sleeve. Not only did he fake his death and go into hiding, but it turns out his health was better than ever. Bill better think fast, or Eric might take some drastic measures. However, legally, what’s Eric’s can’t be taken away. So, Eric might have to face the consequences of his unconventional actions—all because he wanted the best for his family.

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