Victor Newman ( Eric Braeden ) hates Sally Spectra ( Courtney Hope ) so much because Sally has always been the opposite of him since she came to Genoa City.

When this man learned about Sally’s pregnancy, he was angry and shocked by it, so maybe he did something that led to the tragedy.

Victor must be involved in the death of baby Ava because he doesn’t want Sally to have a Newman heir.

Spoilers say that Victor is hiding a secret from Adam Newman ( Mark Grossman ) and Sally, and it must be about their baby.

If those rumors are true, Victor abducted baby Ava and bribed Elena Dawson ( Brytni Sarpy ) to declare her dead during birth.

We all remember the time that Victor literally lost it when he heard about Sally’s pregnancy news.

He was very disappointed with Nick Newman’s ( Joshua Morrow ) relationship with this woman, and of course about the pregnancy with Adam too.

So there is a chance that Victor may do something in the dark to make sure that Sally can’t be in his family.

Although Nikki Newman ( Melody Thomas Scott ) tried to convince him to forgive Sally, we know that Victor didn’t listen to anyone.

Spoilers say that Elena will make a shocking confession about baby Ava, and maybe she will reveal this secret.


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3 thoughts on “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Elena confesses that she swapped baby Ava because Victor paid her”
  1. I wouldn’t put this dastardly deed passed Victor; but I hope this is NOT TRUE. The baby was too young to survive. Sally was barely showing when she went into premature labor . This SL would be totally unbelievably hard to accept. What would he do with the baby once it left the hospital? Put it up for adoption? How? Nooooooo‼️

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