Summer Newman ( Allison Lanier ) and Kyle Abbott ( Michael Mealor )’s once wonderful marriage is currently facing numerous challenges. There’s even a possibility of them going through a divorce. However, a significant event might change the course of things.

Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner), who was previously imprisoned, could potentially be released. If that happens, she might want to regain custody of her child. Consider this scenario: Tara Locke’s release could greatly worry Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott.

Tara Locke might opt to hire a legal representative to help her in court, aiming to regain custody of her child. This situation could prompt Kyle Abbott to realize the need for increased responsibility.

Even if he has been acting somewhat immature, he is now an adult with the responsibility of raising a child. Taking care of their son, Harrison, should be their top priority. If Kyle Abbott and his girlfriend Audra want to be responsible parents, they might have to temporarily put their romantic relationship on hold.

Tara Locke might receive financial assistance from an undisclosed source, possibly her brother. With such resources, she could afford a top-notch lawyer. In summary, the unfolding circumstances could lead to significant changes in Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott’s relationship and their roles as parents.


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One thought on “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle will lose everything because of Tara’s return and her devastating news”
  1. I hate it for Summer but that’s what Kyle deserves. He should had stood my Summer, he knew she was having emotional problems because of her Mom. I don’t feel sorry for him or Jack because he brought that woman back into their life.

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