It appears that another significant family conflict is brewing among the Newmans on Y&R. Victor Newman can’t seem to make up his mind about how to divide the responsibilities within the family company, causing tension among his children.

First, he removed Adam from his position as CEO of Newman Media and appointed Nikki to the role. Then, he decided that Nick should share the CEO role with his sister, Nikki. This decision has left Victoria feeling less than thrilled. Victoria has harbored a secret ambition since childhood to one day take over the leadership position in the family business. She had felt in control after getting rid of her brothers and placing her lover in charge. However, Victor’s continuous adjustments have ignited her anger.

Victoria will attempt to reason with Victor, informing him that Nick doesn’t even want to be a co-CEO, a valid assessment of the situation. But Victor has his own agenda and doesn’t seem overly concerned about his children’s reactions.

In response, Victoria may resort to using some cunning tactics and rallying allies. Nate and Audra are likely candidates to join her cause, as Audra wouldn’t want to risk losing her job. Kyle, who has a special connection with Audra, might follow suit. Nick could potentially side with Victoria to shield Sharon from the conflict involving his father.

Surprisingly, even Adam might be willing to assist Victoria in her quest to take down Victor, as it has been his primary objective since returning to town.

As this family dispute unfolds, Victor may find himself feeling rather isolated, which has always been one of his fears.

Prepare for some explosive developments within the Newman family. The Young and the Restless promises to be a wild ride as alliances shift and everyone pursues their own interests. The question remains: Will Victor maintain control of his empire, or will his family be his downfall? Only time will tell how this family feud plays out.

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