Y&R unveils that Esther is coming in to take on a new role, managing Crimson Lights. However, she’s feeling a bit nervous since she’s not very experienced in these matters. Sharon will step in to guide and offer helpful advice to Esther in her new role.

Currently, Esther has a lot of work piled up, and the pressure is getting to her. This has Chloe a bit concerned about both Esther’s health and her job.

Chloe worries that Esther might become ill from working too hard. But Esther assures her that she’ll be okay and asks her not to worry. She believes she can handle everything that’s on her plate.

Nick plans to hold a meeting, with the aim of discussing Victor’s proposal to merge SNA Media into Newman Media. Nick wants input from everyone, including Sharon.

However, Sharon isn’t in favor of this idea. She thinks that the recent partnership between Newman and Kirsten Incorporated was just established and approving another merger so soon seems overly ambitious.

But Adam won’t easily let someone take control away from him, especially when it’s Victor involved. He’s worked hard and built things up over the years, and if he agrees to merge, it would mean giving up a lot of his independence to Victor.

Nick and Sharon intend to have a thorough discussion about this with Adam. Victor has arranged a meeting, and both Adam and Nate will also be part of it.


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