The spoilers have unveiled that Kyle Abbott ( Michael Mealor ) and Summer Newman ( Allison Lanier ) have completely severed their ties and connections. Kyle has been carrying a lot of hidden feelings for a long time. Today was the day they were supposed to start their lives together.

It was Summer who blackmailed him and demanded money, which was intended for their wedding, to save Lola Rosales ( Sasha Calle )’s life. Nick Newman ( Joshua Morrow ) believes that Summer generally does well and is kind to everyone. This is evident, but she still makes avoidable mistakes.

Furthermore, she also kept information about her mother hidden from Kyle. She knows her mother is still alive, yet she chooses to keep quiet and conceal the truth from him. All the guilt and responsibility for her mother’s faked death fall on Diane’s shoulders.

This truth was hard for Kyle to accept; he couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she had lied to him. If he had given Summer a chance to make amends, perhaps things could have been different.


However, he didn’t make that choice. Now, both of them are moving forward with their separate lives. Perhaps Summer is now focusing her attention on Chance, a long-time friend of hers. As for the future, it remains uncertain. After ending things with Summer, Kyle chose to be with Audra Charles ( Zuleyka Silver ), a person he trusted.

But Audra has always been opportunistic. She lives for herself and doesn’t pay much attention to her surroundings. Their relationship might not last long. Another character from Kyle’s past is Lola, his ex-wife.

It’s unclear if she will make another appearance and stir things up. Kyle now regrets choosing Summer in the past. Had he chosen Lola before, they might be happy and content with their lives now.

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