Spoilers reveal that things will change over time, and each person will face the ups and downs and the happiness in their own life.

As for Summer, she will make a shocking decision and her life will never be the same. As for Sally and Nick, they are beginning a new life together.

Meanwhile, Tessa and Mariah will be in trouble because of their new baby, so let’s check on Summer, she wants to start a new life alone.

She doesn’t want to remember anything about Kyle, they will divorce soon, and Sumer will totally forget about the most important man in her life.

Although Nick wants to reconnect Kyle and Summer, he thinks that they and meant for each other and they will overcome this trouble.

As for Kyle, he is struggling with the connection between Summer and Harrison, and he doesn’t know how to make his son happy.

Kyle reached out to Summer and demanded she help him to figure out a way for Harrison to accept this fact.

Let’s see how Kyle and Summer could work things out and fix this problem. There are many ideas and solutions, but all felt ineffective for them.

Maybe they need more time and space to think and find a way back to each other.

As for Sally and Nick, they know each other so well, and Nick knows that Sally is a heartbroken woman after what happened with Adam.

But Nick believes that he could make Sally happy again, and he is ready to start a new life with her.


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