Spoilers tease that Victor Newman ( Eric Braeden ) will tell Audra Charles ( Zuleyka Silver ) exciting news, he completely trusts her after what she did to expose Adam Newman ( Mark Grossman ).

This time, he’ll give her a position at the company, but it means her current position will be lost.

Audra is disappointed because Victor lets Nikki Newman ( Melody Thomas Scott ) replace her current position, and she’s even angry and furious with it.

Spoilers say that Audra will fight for it, she won’t let things happen this way, and no one can take everything from her.

But at first, Audra needs to restrain herself if she wants to make things work.

She needs to work hard and not let anyone notice the unusual in her plan before she can completely set it up.

Right now, Victor wants to send Audra back to the CEO position, and it brings up the conflict between her and Nikki.

But Nikki isn’t a grudge, and Audra still has the chance to beat her rival if she works harder.

This time, Nikki will give Audra a very difficult task, so let’s see how Audra handles it.

But Audra will receive shocking news when Tucker McCall ( Trevor St. John ) finds out about her biological mother, and he will drop this news to people in town.


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