At Deacon’s apartment, Sheila insisted that Finn loves her and he still cares about her, they shared a hug recently.

She could see that love every time she looked into his eyes. And she loved him in a way that Steffy clearly didn’t and never could.

Deacon knows that he’s playing a dangerous game when he lets Sheila stay in his apartment, and even falls in love with this mad woman.

But after all, Deacon can’t resist Sheila, she is too hot for him, and he can’t get rid of this woman, he’s totally obsessed with Sheila.

Deacon fears that if his daughter Hope finds out this connection, she will cut ties with him and he will lose everything that he has worked so hard for.

And now, his nightmare has came true, Hope unexpectedly comes to see him, and she will catch him with Sheila in this apartment, what a shock it could be.

Spoilers say that Deacon and Sheila’s secret will be exposed, and everybody in town will know about it, they will feel disappointed with Deacon.

Although Sheila is a free woman now, and Deacon has the right to love her, but no one could forget what Sheila did.

Spoilers say that Deacon will have to decide, to continue with Sheila or leave her, and his decision will shock everybody in town.

A shocking wedding will happen, it won’t be Hope’s wedding, but her father, Deacon, he will decide to go public with Sheila and marry her.

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